About Coldbrew

Coldbrew is a hobby project by me, @Sarim__Abbas 👋. For the longest time, I've wanted a visual, one-click tool to install all the apps I want.

So I built Coldbrew! You can select all the apps you want, and Coldbrew will install them with Homebrew Cask. This is better than going to each app's website separately and starting all the downloads manually.

This does mean that Homebrew is a prerequisite. You can install it on your macOS machine here: https://brew.sh/

Coldbrew does nothing fancy, it just invokes brew bundle. Now, you could just write out your desired casks in a dotfile and sync that between computers, but I think there is something fun about browsing through the most popular apps in a visual way. In fact, I provide a way for you to download your selection as a Brewfile, if you so desire.


Just a little note about security, if you are curious.

I don't require login to use Coldbrew. Instead, I create an anonymous session for each user.

Sessions are immutable once you end your Coldbrew browser session. Then you can't add or remove apps from them any more.

You can share the link to your session with someone else. When they visit the share link, every app linked to your session will be copied over to a new session for them. Here are some of my favorites!

Oh also, you should know that I collect page-view data with Splitbee analytics.

Built with

Coldbrew was built with the Homebrew API, the results of which are stored in a PlanetScale database. The data is queried by a NextJS app with React Query and TRPC. The app is styled with Tailwind.